Rustic Bathroom Ideas

rustic bathroom color

Rustic bathroom ideas are very popular in the lodge style houses nowadays. Lodge style houses give certain warm feeling towards the homeowner who really enjoys nature. If you live in an area that has a beautiful natural scenery then lodge style house with rustic bathroom design is very suitable for you. Rustic bathrooms are created by installing nature inspired colors and cabin themed decorations inside your bathroom. Here are some tips in building a rustic bathroom of your dream.

1.Choose the Color

The colors of most rustic bathroom ideas come from nature. The basic colors that are used are color like green, brown, and beige. You can also use other similar colors in the palette such as hunter green, berry red and wooden brown; basically colors that are also used in hunter cabin styled house.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

You can also use dark color such as stone grey and bark brown. Paint your rustic bathroom wall in lighter color and then choose darker shades of colors for the decorations of the bathroom. This kind of color arrangement will make your rustic bathroom appear larger and it will also look less cramped.

2.Choose the Flooring

The most commonly used flooring for rustic bathroom ideas are wooden flooring. Aside from very durable wooden flooring also have very beautiful patterns. In order to create the old fashioned cabin look inside the bathroom use distressed wood instead of the smoothly polished one. If you cannot afford wooden flooring you can always use ceramic flooring that has rustic patterns to match the bathroom’s decorations.

To complete the look place some bathroom mats with wildlife theme inside your rustic bathroom. You should also use mats that are washable and also featured anti slip materials at the back to secure the safety of the bathroom user, especially if you use ceramic tiled floor.

3.Choose the Decorations

For the decorations of the rustic bathroom ideas you have in mind, you should hang some wildlife themed pictures or postcard with wooden frames. Other lodge themed decorations such as antler’s plaque could also be a very nice touch and will deliver the theme of your bathroom better. You should also hang a bark framed mirror on one of your bathroom’s wall to reflect the lights and also make your bathroom look bigger.

rustic bathroom floor

For the curtains and shower curtains, choose lodge style linens with dark colors. You can also place brown colored towels in twig basket to emphasize the theme more.

4.Choose the Lighting

The lighting in most rustic bathroom ideas are mostly dim lighting with yellow lights to emphasize the rustic theme of the bathroom. Choose rustic themed wall sconces with wrought iron and pine cone accents. You can also hang rustic lodge design chandelier from the high ceiling and aide the chandelier to light the bathroom with wall mounted lamps.

You can also place some rustic table lamps on the bathroom’s countertop to give the bathroom a soft glow as well as highlighting the theme of the rustic bathroom ideas that you have.